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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Omron Intros First Dual-Mode CT Scanner
Automated dual-mode CT X-ray system.
Schaumburg, IL — Omron is introducing a time-saving new X-ray inspection system — the VT-X series — that shortens the tact time for in-line, post-solder inspection of printed circuit boards. The VT-X is described as the world's first dual mode X-ray inspection system that combines highly accurate computed tomography (CT) scanning with high-speed "tomosynthesis" scanning to achieve production line speeds.

Use of CT technology eliminates the clutter from bottom-side parts while top-side parts are inspected. Because CT scanning technology alone can be quite slow, such that inspections must be done off-line or handled slowly in-line, the company's solution enables use of both technologies in the same inspection.

The VT-X shortens inspection time for 4 BGAs to 60 seconds, depending on specific board layout, by allowing the optimum mix of CT scanning for areas where components may be shadowed by bottom side components and fast "tomosynthesis" for inspections where bottom side components are not present.

The X-ray inspection system was designed to inspect ball grid arrays (BGA), Quad Flat Pack (QFP) heel or back fillets, components with gullwing and J-shape leads, and connectors on board sizes up to 10 x 13-in.

For a whole board inspection solution, a combination of AOI and X-ray inspections delivers the best results. The VT-X can be used with the company's Qup-Navi software to identify root cause of failure based on data mining of inspection results.

Contact: Omron Electronics LLC, 1 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173 866-886-6766 or 847-843-7900 fax: 847-843-8081 Web:

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