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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Jergens: Mounting System Speeds Accurate Fixture Locking
Ball-lock mechanism.
Cleveland, OH — The patented Ball Lock Mounting System from Jergens, Inc. is the practical quick-change system for fixturing in metalworking and metal-forming operations, for either horizontal or vertical machining centers. With the current trend toward smaller production runs, the ability to set up quickly for the next run is critical to maintaining profitability.

The system reportedly speeds accurate locating and locking of fixture plates to subplates, freeing valuable machine time by providing quick-change capability. Using the system generally takes only minutes and requires only a couple of turns of a set screw, versus the conventional method of dowel pins and cap screws that might need up to 10 turns to lock.

Repeatability is ±0.0005-in. which minimizes or eliminates the need to indicate fixture position. The Ball Lock System securely holds plates together with working loads up to 20,000 lbs., achieving its holding force by a combination of force generators. A threaded screw exerts force onto a center ball, which, in turn, directs this force onto three balls that register on a taper seat. The company's vises and tooling columns are available with Ball Lock mounting systems, and various pre-engineered kits are available for many common machining centers.

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