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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Hannover Fair to Stress Energy Conservation
Hannover, Germany — In spite of the current economic crisis, the outlook for Hannover Fair 2009 is distinctly positive. The world's leading technology event continues to perform well in a difficult marketplace. Running from April 20 to 24, 2009, this year's Show has significant new content such as the brand-new Wind Trade Fair, another round of the World Energy Dialogue with a very full program, and numerous special displays highlighting topical issues in automation, power transmission and control, subcontracting and R&D.

New exhibitor registrations are still coming in, with about 6,000 exhibitors in more than 200,000m2 (2,152,782-ft.2) of sold booth space, it now looks as if this year's show will be about the same size as its recent predecessors. Federal German President Horst Kohler will formally open Hannover Messe 2009 on April 19, the day before the show opens its doors to the public. "It is precisely when economic conditions are difficult that Hannover Messe comes into its own", says Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch, Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG. "It provides an overview of various branches of industry that work together to make progress possible. At the same time it focuses our attention on issues that are more important than ever at times of crisis — issues such as energy efficiency and technological leadership."

Hannover Fair brings together 13 flagship trade fairs under one roof. The dominant themes are industrial automation, energy technologies, power transmission and control, mobility, subcontracting, new technologies for the future, and youth training. This broad range of themes generates valuable synergies for visiting professionals. One example is the new leading international Wind Trade Fair. The market-leading players in the wind energy industry will present an array of plant, components and services in Hall 27. In addition, the wind energy theme will also figure in a number of other trade shows in the Hannover Fair lineup. Principal among these is MDA — Motion, Drive and Automation. Companies exhibiting mechanical drive systems at this show are located right next door to Wind in Hall 27. Other suppliers exhibiting under other disciplines — industrial automation, subcontracting, surface technology or research and development — will also be embracing the wind power theme. The universal embrace will blur dividing lines between different areas of specialization, while at the same time each industrial branch has the opportunity to display its products in a setting that highlights their many possible applications.

Energy Efficiency
Main theme of this year' expo is energy efficiency. Every sector of industry now faces the challenge of using resources more efficiently and developing energy-efficient products and processes. Energy conservation is to be found in virtually every exhibitor booth. And it is the focus of attention at the special display "Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes" in Hall 26. Here the main emphasis is on concrete applications, solutions and consultancy. The exhibits will include reference projects and a model production plant that exemplifies energy efficiency in action. Also being offered is an energy visitor guide as well as a special "Energy Efficiency Tour" of the grounds by bus.

This year, the Republic of Korea is the official Partner Nation for the Hannover Fair. In areas such as mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and information technology, this East Asian powerhouse is already a global leader. The country is the EU's fourth largest trading partner, and is determined to strengthen its position in Europe even more. Negotiations for a free trade agreement are currently under way, and there has been extensive cooperation between Korea and Europe in R&D. Korea will be exhibiting in almost every display category.

More than 1,000 events such as congresses, discussion forums, seminars and workshops, present an impressive lineup of high-caliber speakers, providing visitors with an opportunity to study in depth those issues that will affect our future. Here they'll be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of decision-makers in business, government and industry — an opportunity not just to see state-of-the-art technologies, but to come to grips with them and understand them. Once again, one of the most high-profile events will be the World Energy Dialogue, whose theme this year is "Security of energy supply".

Werner Blass, Managing Director of the Electric Power Transmission Section of the German Electrical and Electronics Federation (ZVEI), confirms that the "special display Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes will give manufacturers of electric drives an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. In standard applications such as pumping, ventilation, handling, conveying, air conditioning and refrigeration, there is considerable scope for reducing energy consumption. The replacement of obsolete drive systems would save 27.5 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. This is equivalent to 11 percent of total annual industrial power consumption. Such an investment would pay for itself in two to three years."

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