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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Ames Launches New Liquid Coating Capabilities
Rubber coating product development.
Hamburg, NJ — Ames Corporation is introducing its line of high-precision liquid coatings. Suitable for applying coatings to metal, elastomers, plastics, and aerospace composites, the new coating capabilities include non-electrostatic and electrostatic-based systems capable of applying a range from a few microns of specialty materials to 20-30 mils (or more) of a desired protective or performance enhanced elastomer.

A wide range of high-performance elastomer formulations such as Fluoroelastomer, Silicones, and Fluorosilicones, as well as conventional elastomers for less demanding applications are offered. Multilayer coatings employ the company's proprietary bonding technology, enabling compliant and surface performance

characteristics for applications requiring composite systems. In addition, the company has developed a method to measure single or dual layer thicknesses of elastomer coatings at levels in the low micron range. Thickness is routinely measured with single-layer materials or dissimilar coating composites such as Teflon surfaces (20 microns) over Silicone substrates (250 microns).

The company provides a manufacturing environment for liquid coating capabilities that includes a class 100 clean room with a range of coating capabilities to support product development for clients. The product coating facility has thermal oxidation equipment to convert VOCs to harmless materials, while air quality is maintained at a level to produce debris-free product surfaces.

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