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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Aerotech: Integrated Laser Machining Platform
Integrated linear/rotary motion platform.
Pittsburgh, PA — Pneumatically actuated collet closer — the LaserTurn® 1 supports 0.1mm to 7.9mm OD materials with frictionless rotary union. The LaserTurn 1 is an integrated linear-rotary motion subsystem that combines automated material handling with high performance direct-drive linear and rotary motion to provide the highest throughput, highest accuracy, cylindrical laser processing system available.

The product is a complete motion and material-handling subsystem that includes an automated, pneumatically actuated Type D collet closer. The collet closer has a clear aperture for product feed-through and can support tubing up to 7.9mm OD in dry-cutting applications, and up to 3mm when configured for wet cutting operation. The collet closer is designed to minimize axial tube motion during clamping operations by keeping the collet stationary and moving the tapered mating surface during collet open/close operation.

The system includes standard front and rear tooling platforms with M4 mounting features. The tooling platforms are bolted directly to the base of the linear stage providing a stiff, monolithic, common inertial frame of reference. Fixtures such as bushing alignment assemblies, part collection, or automated material advance functions can be easily attached.

The unit uses direct-drive noncontact motor and encoder technology for both the linear and rotary axes. Direct-drive motors reportedly provide significantly higher throughput and maintenance-free operation when compared to gear and screw-driven technologies. Linear and rotary encoders coupled directly to the load provide a high level of system accuracy and repeatability over the operating lifetime of the stage.

The overlapping hard cover design protects the linear stage from contact with fluids used in wet cutting processes. The sloped hard covers provide robust protection from fluid and machining byproduct ingress as well as incidental operator contact that may occur during part changeover.

The system is available with the company's advanced A3200 control system. The A3200 is a 100 percent digital system with high performance FireWire® networked drives. Its digital architecture makes it possible to optimize the current, velocity, and position servo loops for maximum performance. Advanced trajectory generation capabilities such as multi-block look-ahead minimize geometry errors in tight profiles by transparently regulating cutting speed. Its Position Synchronized Laser Firing Output (PSO) feature automatically adjusts the laser pulse frequency to match the current cutting speed to maintain optimal laser power coupling.

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