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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Electronic Interconnect Adds PC Fab Data Verification
Engineers check customer's PC board file for manufacturability.
Chicago, IL — Electronic Interconnect Technology (EI) now offers a full range of data verification services to its printed circuit board customers. Data verification of files ensures that problems in design are caught before the first prototypes are generated. According to the company, this is a very important service, in keeping with the company's overall mission of total customer satisfaction and support.

Data verification helps ensure a quality product for the company's customers. EI runs extensive DRC/DFM analysis on all incoming Gerber files, prototypes or production, so that any issues or concerns that are quickly relayed to the customer. The very experienced in-house engineering staff — whose members are well-trained to detect and resolve problems — do it on a daily basis.

Data verification helps customers sort out PC board design and DFM issues before they become real production problems later on. One example of this is the company's offering of IPC Netlist Comparison. The IPC Netlist Comparison shows if there is either an electrical Open or Short present in the Gerbers, which was not present in the original PC board design. At this point, EI has the opportunity to contact the Design Engineer and alert him or her about this issue and try to resolve it together.

Located in the Chicago area, the company has been manufacturing printed circuit boards in the U.S. since 1985. It serves design engineers and contract assemblers, providing all types of PC boards from single-sided to complex multilayer boards from prototype through production. The company is ITAR registered, is a member of the Chicago Minority Business Development Council (, and is ISO and UL certified.

Contact: Electronic Interconnect, 2700 W. Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5322 800-364-4844 or 847-364-4848 fax: 847-364-4892 Web:

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