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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Mini Medical Approved Switchers from APS

Pleasanton, CA — Power specialist Advanced Power Solutions (APS) has introduced its new GS2 series of 3- and 6-watt wall mount switching power supplies designed to support portable medical applications. These new wall-mount switchers consist of 22 output voltage models ranging from 5 to 24VDC and ...Read More
Anritsu: High-Frequency Design Software in Network Analyzer

El Segundo, CA — AWR, the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA), and Anritsu Company, a global provider of test and measurement solutions, has announced AWR Connected for Anritsu, which makes Microwave Office high-frequency design software a standard component ...Read More
EtherCAT® I/O Terminal from Beckhoff

Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has released the new EL6688 EtherCAT Terminal, which permits extremely precise cross-factory and cross-site synchronization according to the IEEE 1588 standard. Using the terminal, different machines, system components or production lines can be accurately synchronized ...Read More
B+K Expands Line of Programmable DC Loads

Yorba Linda, CA — B+K Precision has added to its line of affordable Programmable DC Electronic loads with the introduction of eight additional models. The 10 models of the 8500 family offer a wide operating range, flexible operating modes, and excellent measurement accuracy, making the loads suited ...Read More
Low Cost Thermocouple Signal Conditioner from Calex

Concord, CA — Calex Mfg. Co., Inc.'s 8920-500-DC and the 8921-1250-DC are low cost thermocouple solutions suitable for applications where single point, isolated signal conditioning is required. The 8920-500-DC is for use with Type J thermocouples with a temperature range of 0 to 500°C. The 8921 ...Read More
CIT: RoHS-Compliant Relay Series

Minneapolis, MN — CIT's J151 Series relay offers ratings up to 20A at 277VAC, 28VDC and 1/2HP at 125VAC. Coil voltage options range from 6VDC to 220VDC and 6VAC to 240VAC. Contact arrangements range from single pole single throw up to four pole double throw. Termination options include PC board terminals ...Read More
Coleman Cable Intros Low Loss Coax

Waukegan, IL — Coleman Cable Inc. is introducing the Signa-Wave brand of high performance, American-made low-loss 50Ω RF coaxial cables. This family of low-loss coaxial cables reportedly offer superior performance and loss characteristics over higher frequency bandwidths than the traditional ...Read More
Cyber Research Intros Expansion Chassis

Branford, CT — The new CyberResearch® PRO-series expansion chassis accepts input from a PCI or PCIe board in the host computer and provides up to 13 slots for additional PCI expansion boards. Programming problems are eliminated because the PCIe and PCI buses are electronically identical. Max separation ...Read More
Densitron Intros Display Development Kit

London, UK — Densitron (Europe) has released a new proprietary display development platform — the V-DUO (Video Densitron USB OLED) Kit for 3.5 and 4.3-in. Active Matrix OLEDs (AMOLEDs). V-DUOutilizes TI ARM-9 processor (DM355) with a Linux based real-time operating system, and supports display resolutions ...Read More
EAO's Colorful Switches Get New Options

Milford CT — EAO is now manufacturing a range of high-quality Series 95 color-changing pushbuttons in three different sizes. The medium-sized 15.88mm2 pushbutton complements the other sizes, 12.7mm2 and 19.05mm2, offering designers even more choices for creating control ...Read More
Emerson Expands Mini-USB Power Adapters

Carlsbad, CA — Emerson Network Power has expanded its line of DCH3 series wall-mount AC-DC power adapters with the addition of four new models (DCH3-050XX-004) that are equipped with cableless outputs to support interchangeable USB to Mini/Micro-USB 2.0 output cables. These compact power adapters ...Read More
Microwave SMA Terminations from Res-Net

Clearwater, FL — Res-Net Microwave, Inc., a subsidiary of Electro Technik Industries, has introduced a new line of 1-Watt SMA Terminations that have a frequency range of DC to 26.5GHz. They have a standard impedance of 50Ω and a VSWR range of 1.15:1 to 1.35:1 depending upon the frequency ...
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EPCOS Develops Compact, Rugged EL Capacitors

Iselin, NJ — EPCOS has introduced a series of highly rugged and compact axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automotive electronics with a high CV product. When suitably mounted, these capacitors can be used in environments with shock and vibration stresses of up to 40 g. They are designed ...Read More
Low-Level Light Detector from Gigahertz-Optic

Newburyport MA — A new photometric detector — the VL-6000 — with a large diameter front lens for high sensitivity illuminance measurement, has been developed by Gigahertz-Optik for night vision applications, sleep studies, sky light simulation, zoological night habit studies and general low ...Read More
HaydonKerk: Mini Series Lead Screw Assemblies

Waterbury, CT — HaydonKerk Motion Solutions is now offering the Kerk® Mini Series Lead Screw Assemblies for demanding miniature applications, such as data storage drives, miniature pumps and dispensing systems, micro-actuators and laser/optical focusing mechanisms. Comprised of small diameter, ...Read More
HP Intros Next Gen UPS Systems

Houston, TX — HP is introducing its next-generation tower uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The HP Tower UPS units, T750 G2, T1000 G3, and T1500 G3 are designed for small-to-medium businesses, remote offices, and retail environments needing power protection in a compact tower design. The UPS units ...Read More
Hoffmann + Krippner Intro Membrane Pots

Buchen, Germany — Hoffmann + Krippner is introducing its Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer line as the world`s most reliable ultra-flat membrane potentiometer. Applications for the Sensofoil® include the medical industry, door systems and the food processing industry, along with numerous other ...Read More
Hoto Instruments: External Strobe Trigger Kit

Northbrook,IL — Hoto Instruments' optional external trigger kit model ET-1 for ESL-20 LED stroboscope immediately synchronizes the strobe with a rotating object. The inductive proximity sensor is aimed at a ferrous target mounted on the drive shaft and triggers the strobe to flash each time the target ...Read More
IMS Intros 6dB Power Splitters

Portsmouth, RI — International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS), a manufacturer of thick film resistors, attenuators, terminations, planar dividers and planar filters, has available its 1W two-way resistive power splitters, available with 50Ω or 75Ω impedances. The 75Ω IPS Series two-way ...Read More
Custom Silicone LED Lenses from JKL

Pacoima, CA — JKL now offers custom silicone lenses for unusual LED applications. Used with standard or high power LEDs, these lenses are able to focus, shape, or confine light output for exacting design criteria. Superior thermal stability and UV resistance make them suitable for harsh and high ...Read More
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