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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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Remstar Vertical Storage System for Medical Device Firms
Vertical carousel storage/retrieval system.
Westbrook, ME — Remstar vertical carousels and Shuttle® Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) offer medical device companies a way to easily and efficiently comply with the FDA's Part 820 storage and handling requirements while also helping to avoid the costs associated with recalls and liability claims. The vertical storage and retrieval systems automate and provide electronic documentation of compliance with appropriate stock rotation programs.

These systems help ensure that expired devices are not shipped. The software and automated equipment combination allows for the segregation and tracking of non-conforming products while preventing the accidental release of quarantined items.

The systems come with compliant user access controls for added security, allowing supervisors to track individual worker access to devices and materials, while providing detailed management reports of pick-and-put activity.

These features improve traceability, reduce reliance on manual paper reports and improve overall risk management. The vertical storage and retrieval systems also improve paper file storage efficiency and can be used for securely organizing critical records such as MDRs, DHRs, and IIRs as well as other non-regulated applications such as R&D, facilities maintenance and management of office supplies. The company's vertical carousels and VLMs are enclosed systems of vertically arranged shelves or carriers that programmatically deliver the correct item(s) to an ergonomically positioned pick window. Full product enclosure helps maintain the cleanliness of stored items, reducing exposure to outside contamination. A wide range of bin sizes, shelves and dividers, security doors, and rollout drawers allow flexibility for efficient storage and prevent product cross-contamination. These systems can also be integrated with environmental control systems to manage ambient factors such as temperature and humidity to help maximize product shelf life. Integrated pick-to-light devices, bar code scanning and software routines provide the highest levels of picking and putting accuracy while simplifying and reducing employee training requirements and significantly increasing productivity and throughput.

The vertical storage and retrieval systems take advantage of unused overhead space to recover up to 75 percent of the floor space required by traditional rack and shelving systems, allowing more productive use of that floor space. Their modern, clean design eliminates the unsightly look of products stored on open shelves, providing a clean, "high tech" look to work and storage areas.

Contact: Remstar International, Inc., 41 Eisenhower Dr., Westbrook, ME 04092 800-639-5805 or 207-854-1861 fax: 207-854-1610 Web:

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