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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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YXLON Intros Variofocus X-ray System
Hamburg, Germany — YXLON International is introducing Variofocus X-ray system with focal spot technology, a newly developed product offering extraordinary small, in-performance variable focal spot. The Variofocus System Y.XST225-VF closes the gap between microfocus and conventional X-ray tubes in digital radiography and computed tomography.

Variofocus is especially useful for X-ray applications in automotive, aviation and aerospace industries. Compared to conventional X-ray tubes, the Variofocus focal spot is less than half the size and considerably more symmetrical. These two key parameters lead to higher spatial resolution and consequently, optimal detail recognition. In addition, the Variofocus system provides the performance of high-power X-ray tubes, thus higher performance than any other microfocus X-ray tubes on the market. The Variofocus focal spot displays a value between 250µm at 290W up to 800µm at 1600W.

The key parameters of an image generated with flat-panel detectors are Spatial Resolution (SR) and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Both parameters are influenced by focal spot size. Zoom size is adjustable with Variofocus, detecting details and eliminating distortion of the test object's natural material, form or composition. Optimal detail detectability is achieved for nearly any inspection task ensuring speedy turn-around time.

Contact: YXLON International, 3400 Gilchrist Road, Akron, OH 44260-1221 702-345-2721 Web:

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