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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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Rehm Intros New Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow
Vapor phase reflow system.
Blaubeuren, Germany — Rehm Thermal Systems is showing its latest developments in Vacuum Vapor Phase reflow with the launch of its VPS Condenso Vacuum system. The company is demonstrating the many advantages of the new technology, which is particularly effective for thermally demanding applications — especially void-free soldering with lead-free solders.

Minimal void rates are only possible with soldering processes that subject the molten solder to a vacuum, enabling the escape of remaining residues and gas inclusions which would otherwise result in voids in the solidified joint. In many cases this delivers solder joints with surface contact ratios of greater than 99 percent.

Condensation Reflow provides exceptionally effective thermal transfer due to the even release of heat during condensation and the perfectly constant temperature of the medium. In addition, the medium's boiling point limits the maximum soldering temperature so that the PC boards cannot be damaged by overheating. This, as well as the ability to control the volume of injected liquid and intermediate exhaust of the vapor, makes it possible to precisely adjust the temperature/reflow profile, delivering highly reproducible soldering results and minimized scrap rates.

Contact: Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH, Leinenstrasse 7, 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany +49 7344 9606 0 E-mail: Web:

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