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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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Optimal Sensorless Motor Control from Melexis
Optimal system integration for sensorless BLDC applications.
Concord, NH — Melexis has launched the first member of its second generation of integrated BLDC Motor Controllers: the MLX81200, featuring TruSense and SineDrive technologies. This development opens new possibilities for system integration of automotive BLDC motor applications. TruSense technologies combine reluctance measurement with BEMF sensing for detecting and tracking rotor position.

This combination allows robust motor operation across a wide dynamic range and in harsh environments. The sensorless BLDC motor controllers have dedicated hardware blocks as well as patented motor control algorithms to guarantee failsafe and robust sensorless operation under stringent automotive conditions. On-the-fly rotor position sensing allows fast startup to nominal speed within 70ms. Using a phase integrator, the patented BEMF (Back Electromotive Force) sensing enables operation from ultra low to high motor speeds under fast varying load conditions.

The SineDrive motor control allows shaping the motor current to optimize each motor's efficiency and torque ripple, critical in applications such as engine cooling fans and HVAC blowers. Furthermore sensorless Sinewave motor control also reduces audible noise, conducted and radiated emissions, simplifying the motor control.

The controller combines a 16-bit microcontroller with a high-voltage analog periphery for BLDC motor control allowing smallest application PC boards with only a few external discrete components. Included are 30kB Flash program memory, 2kB SRAM, 128B data EEPROM, voltage regulator, on chip RC oscillator, predriver for directly driving 6 n-channel power FETs, highly accurate shunt current sensing, independent analog watch dog, high voltage I/Os and several diagnostic functions for failsafe operation.

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