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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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LeCroy Intros 'Scopes for Debug
Dual-channel oscilloscope.
Chestnut Ridge, NY — LeCroy® Corporation is introducing the WaveAce series of digital oscilloscopes that expands its line of portable, affordable and easy-to-use oscilloscopes in the 60 to 300MHz range. The new instrument improves troubleshooting and shortens debug time by providing unique features such as long memory, a color display, extensive measurement capabilities, and advanced triggering.

A streamlined, time-saving user interface provides quick access to all important controls. With its USB host and device ports, the WaveAce easily connects to a memory stick, PC or printer. The variety of standard acquisition modes and advanced triggers simplifies capturing even the most complex waveforms making the instrument a valuable tool for design, debug and troubleshooting. The new instrument is available in 2-channel models with bandwidths of 60, 100, 200 and 300MHz. All models have color displays. With a maximum sample rate of 2GS/s and up to 8kpts/ch memory the new unit is described as a performance leader in this class of portable oscilloscopes. The long memory allows users to capture full sample rate acquisitions that are 2 to 3 times longer than the competition. Improving how a user can understand and analyze waveforms, the new oscilloscope has 32 built-in automated parameters including advanced timing parameters for skew, phase and edge-to-edge measurements between channels. Additional features such as Pass/Fail testing, user definable digital filters and a waveform sequence recorder all simplify and shorten debug time.

The high performance and large feature set are controlled by an intuitive user interface with 11 different languages and streamlined front panel. All important controls and menus are accessed from the front panel with a single button press. All position and offsets can be reset by simply pressing the knob; pressing the V/Div knob will switch between fixed and variable gain and pressing the T/div knob will toggle between zoom modes.

Buttons on the front panel that open and close menus or switch modes are backlit to let the user know exactly what mode the 'scope is operating in. Documenting results and saving screenshots, waveforms and setups is easy with internal storage that can hold up to 20 waveforms and 20 setups. Mass storage can be done by connecting a USB memory device directly to the front panel. The rear panel USB port allows for direct printer connection or connection to a PC for control with a software utility called EasyScope. This utility enables remote control through a virtual front panel and also provides an easy method of saving waveforms and screenshots directly to a PC.

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