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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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Aerotech Intros Laser Marking controller
Laser marking controller.
Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech has introduced its Nmark SSaM laser marking controller which directly synchronizes scanner and servo motion for marking parts of unlimited size and complexity to overcome problems associated with servo axes to mark objects that exceed the operating envelope of the scanner. Applications were previously implemented using a move and expose sequence.

The problem here was that the scanner would mark the part and the servo would reposition the part for a subsequent marking operation. This approach has limitations when a feature being marked exceeds the field of view of the scanner. Small angular and linear offsets in the servo axes produce discontinuities in the features that cross the boundary between adjacent marking fields.

By combining the servo and scanner control into a single platform, it is now possible to mark large features by combining continuous motion of the servo axis with simultaneous marking by the scanner. According to the company, the product expands the scanner field of view without sacrificing effective pixel resolution, marks long vectors with one continuous pass; draws large-scale graphics without stitching multiple exposures; marks on a tube or other irregularly shaped object without manually repositioning; industry standard XY2-100 interface supports scanners from multiple vendors; Single programming environment for both scanner and servo axes minimizes application complexity; and optically isolates laser control interface with YAG and CO2 operating modes.

Direct, coordinated control of scanner and servo axes eliminates the programming overhead associated with glueing together two separate control systems, resulting in reduced implementation time and increased marking efficiency. Scanner motion can be combined with rotary axis motion to mark on the face or edge of cylindrical profiles. Rectangular bitmaps that exceed the scanner field of view width can be marked in one continuous operation. Complex operations comprised of many small features distributed across a large area can be marked in a continuous fashion with a significant reduction in processing time.

The product provides support for CO2 and YAG lasers with specialized functions such as first-pulse suppression and tickle frequency outputs. Control signals can be configured as sinking or sourcing, 5-24VDC, allowing for easy interface to many different laser manufacturers. General purpose analog and digital I/O is also provided for control or monitoring functions such as laser power, door interlocks, pump operation, and material handling. Two high-speed encoder inputs are available for synchronization with moving material applications — marking on the fly.

Contact: Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238 412-963-7470 fax: 412-963-7459 Web:

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