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Low Cost Circular Blade Depanelizers from FKN
Circular blade depanelizer.
Framingham, MA — Available off the shelf from FKN Systek, the K2000 motorized circular blade PC board depanelizer separates prescored printed circuit boards without dust or scrap. Models with side support tables for board holding, or with XY table to accurately guide panels into the cutting area, provide an economical way to singulate printed circuit boards of up to 12.5-in.

PC board panels are singulated by passing the score-line between two circular blades. Front and back blade guards assure operator safety. An adjustable front blade guide assures that only the score-line can be passed to the cutting area.

To use, place the scoreline of the PC board onto the front blade guard and pass it to the cutting area. The motorized lower blade will pull the PC board through to separate panels. The machine has two cutting speeds to select from for optimal PC board separation. Blades are made of long lasting tool steel and can be resharpened several times.

The unit is also available in a manually operated version as the K1000, where the operator pushes the PC board between the two blades for simple and convenient panel singulation.

Contact: FKN Systek, 86 Kendall Ave., Framingham, MA 01702 508-935-2282 fax: 508-935-2286 E-mail: Web:

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