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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Sakor Intros Hybrid Auto Test System
Hybrid battery test system.
Okemos, MI — Sakor Technologies, Inc. is introducing its Hybrid Vehicle Battery Test System, a complete offering for high-voltage battery testing. According to the company, the system is extremely energy efficient and can effectively perform all types of performance and durability cycling, including complex profiles and road load simulations.

At the heart of the system is a high-efficiency, line-regenerative DC power source. During discharge modes, absorbed power is regenerated back to the AC mains instead of being dissipated as wasted heat, which is common practice among other battery testing systems. This innovative method generates greater power efficiency and measurably reduces overall operating costs.

Driven by a DynoLAB® EM controller, the test system inherits DynoLAB's ability to automate all types of performance, durability, and continuous cycling operations, including full road load simulation. The system can function both as a battery tester and as a battery simulator. Integration with a HybriDyne Hybrid Driveline Dynamometer creates a system capable of testing complete hybrid drivelines and subsystems with or without actual batteries in circuit. The system may be configured to provide dynamic response (i.e. voltage sags and current surges) just as would be seen in-vehicle. Unlike the performance of an actual battery, the simulator output remains repeatable from cycle to cycle, regardless of charge status, resulting in more consistent and accurate test data. The Hybrid Battery Test System is available with voltages of up to 1,000VDC. Typical systems range in size from ±200 Amps to ±2,400 Amps (continuous), and most units offer overload (surge) currents of up to 200 percent of the rated current.

Contact: Sakor Technologies, Inc., 2855 W. Jolly Road, Okemos, MI 48864 517-332-7256 fax: 517-332-7250 E-mail: Web:

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