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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Alpha Wire Launches Industrial Automation Cables
Five classes of new cable.
Elizabeth, NJ — Alpha Wire Company has launched its Industrial Automation family of high-performance cables. The company's new family of products is designed to deliver industry-leading quality, exceptional reliability, and the performance needed to meet the rigorous requirements of the major automation communication architectures.

The new Industrial Automation product line consists of five categories: ControlNet, RS-485, DeviceNet, Fieldbus and PROFIBUS, and Industrial Twinax. ControlNet is a low-loss RG-6/U 75Ω coaxial cable designed to meet the high-speed, time-critical requirements necessary for today's ControlNet factory-floor automation systems. With a double braid/foil shielding for maximum signal integrity and run length, the cable is fully tested to meet the requirements of the ControlNet physical layer specification and comply with Allen-Bradley 1786.

Available in one to four pairs, the company's rugged RS-485 cables use a braid/foil shield to reduce electrical noise sensitivity and maintain reliability and performance. Meeting UL PLTC flammability requirements and CM listed, the sunlight-resistant cables are suited to Class 1 Division 2 locations per NEC Article 501.

The company's DeviceNet cables integrate power and data into a single, rugged two-pair cable with 15 AWG stranded conductors for power and 18 AWG for signals. Available for ODVA thick and thin trunks, the cables support data rates of 500kb/s at 100m and 125kb/s at 500m and reduce installation costs compared with traditional "home run" wiring practices. The cables comply with Allen-Bradley part numbers 1485 CPI-A and 1485 CPI-C.

Offering a complete family of cables to meet the ruggedness, performance, and quality requirements of virtually all Fieldbus and PROFIBUS environments, cables are available in 100Ω impedance for Types A and B Fieldbus and 150Ω impedance for High-Speed Fieldbus and PROFIBUS DP. Suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 locations per NEC Article 502, the cables also comply with IEC 61158 for industrial control systems.

Industrial Twinax is a UL Type TC cable intended for use in trays and conduits, also containing 600V power cables, the cable meets the requirements of Allen-Bradley Data Highway Networks.

Contact: Alpha Wire Co,, 711 Lidgerwood Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07207-0711 800-522-5742 or 908-925-8000 fax: 908-925-6923 E-mail: Web:

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