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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Fast Heatup with Cooper/Weller Tool
Fast heating soldering tool.
Apex, NC — Cooper Tools has introduced its Pro Series High Performance Soldering Iron, the WPS18MP. The revolutionary new iron, which heats up to 900°F in just 35 seconds, delivers unprecedented performance for a home/hobbyist tool. By utilizing patented power supply electronics combined with specially constructed tips, the 18-watt soldering iron delivers performance equivalent to that of a typical 60-watt soldering iron.

In addition to its outstanding heat-up performance, the Weller Pro Series iron works at a record pace. During an industry standard test, the WPS18MP melted six solder joints in one-third the time it took for a competitive product of traditional design.

In addition to record-breaking heat-up and recovery speeds, the new Pro Series iron includes a convenient red power-on LED that changes to green when the tip reaches a working temperature. In addition, a bright white LED light allows the user to clearly see what they're working on.

The Pro Series soldering iron is designed with innovative safety and convenience features. Its shape allows the hot tip to stay elevated safely off the work surface, making a stand unnecessary. In addition, tips all use a uniform modular plug, so they are easy to change out.

The Weller Pro Series High Performance Soldering Iron is suitable for electronics hobbies such as PC board work, audio/visual, and RC kits.

Contact: Cooper Tools, P.O. Box 728, Apex, NC 27502 919-362-1670; fax: 877-387-0415 Web: or

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