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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Rogers Intros Hi-Freq Circuit Material
High frequency circuit material.
Rogers, CT — Rogers Corporation's Advanced Circuit Materials Division's new RO2808 high frequency circuit material has a dielectric constant of 7.6. The ceramic-filled PTFE material offers the stability and high frequency performance of LTCC. It boasts low loss tangent of 0.002 or less and can be supplied as 1-mil thick boards to support low profile designs.

The RO2808 laminate has high moisture resistance, high reliability and excellent high frequency performance.

Also available from the company are its other chip packaging materials including RO4000 laminates and prepregs, ULTRALAM 3000 laminates and bondply, and R/flex 1500 adhesive film.

The company's Thermal Management Solutions Division is offering its HEATWAVE metal matrix composite (MMC) material for overcoming difficult thermal management challenges through effective and efficient dissipation of excess heat. Also on display are the COOLSPAN thermal interface materials (TIMs) and electrically and thermally conductive adhesives (ETCA).

HEATWAVE MMC is an aluminum silicon carbide (AISiC) composite material that is suitable for thermal base plates and heat spreaders. Available in a wide range of thermal conductivities, it has excellent specific stiffness, tightly controlled coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and has considerably lower density than other thermal management materials.

COOLSPAN TIMs are non-silicone thermal conductive greases that help dissipate excess circuit and component heat efficiently. These greases feature excellent thermal stability, reliable high temperature performance, high thermal conductivity, and superior demateability properties to silicone products. They can be used in both TIM-1 and TIM-2 applications, and multiple dispensing options are available.

COOLSPAN ETCA is a thermally and electrically conductive unsupported silver-filled B-staged epoxy adhesive film. This material is targeted at microwave circuit and heatsink applications where an electrical ground path is desired. Other applications include die attach, printed circuit board fabrication and advanced material composites.

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