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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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New from QuadTech: High-Voltage Wiring Analyzer
High-voltage wiring analyzer.
Maynard, MA — QuadTech has introduced the Meridian, an all-in-one high voltage wiring analyzer for benchtop applications. The Meridian offers customers more advanced testing capabilities and user-friendly features. It is set to replace the Horizon Series as the company's featured cable tester. The versatile wire and harness analyzer, is not limited to just cables.

The instrument's Hipot function can test up to 1500VDC and 1067VAC. It also performs open, short and miswire tests up to 500 wires per second, making testing cables, connectors, harnesses and panels easier than ever before.

The new cable tester incorporates a fully-updated Windows®-based user interface. The interface will be familiar to users and provide customers with a faster, easy-to-use and more capable operating system as compared to Horizon's DOS system. The Meridian also has a solid-state hard drive, a more durable and stable option than a standard hard drive. The solid state hard drive can also be easily transported, upgraded and is environmentally tolerant. Unlike the Horizon Series, the Meridian has a more flexible and up-to-date data management system.

According to the company, the Meridian allows customers to save and store data in PDF or HTML format. The product has USB host port technology and an Ethernet card to easily transfer stored data to a PC or network. It can also be connected to accessories such as a keyboard or printer through regular standard ports or USB ports. The unit has three different log-in levels of protection: operator, service and supervisor, helpful in decreasing operator error. These three different status levels ensure the security of the data and the testing procedures.

The tester has a redesigned adaptor retention system that reduces load and unload times for the operator as well as a built-in "start" and "stop" button. The system has a large, color touch-screen for easy operation and viewing.

Contact: QuadTech, Inc., 5 Clock Tower Place, 210 East, Maynard, MA 01754 800-253-1230 fax: 978-461-4295 Web:

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