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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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OK Int'l Intros Multi-Function Rework System
Multi-function rework system.
Garden Grove, CA — OK International has launched its MFR-1100 Series Single Output Soldering and Rework System, which maximizes application solutions and increase productivity, the system features a choice of three hand-pieces for soldering and rework applications. The versatile new MFR (Multi-Function Rework) Series can be used with either a soldering tip or cartridge and offers a choice of handpieces.

The new system has been designed to minimize training investment, and is powered by the company's proven SmartHeat® Technology. It provides a high power solution for lead-free, production soldering, multi-layer and other thermally demanding applications. Delivering extremely responsive, repeatable and highly controlled heating, SmartHeat Technology is uniquely able to respond to the precise thermal load demands required for each connection. Plus, the intelligent nature of this technology also serves to protect sensitive components and substrates from damage.

In addition, the MFR-1100 can be easily adapted to meet a wide range of production challenges. Three distinct hand-piece options have been specifically designed to enable soldering and rework on a single system. Similar to popular Metcal systems, the MFR-H1-SC Cartridge handpiece offers a wide range of soldering and rework cartridges that provide fine access, SMD rework and pad clean-up. The MFR-H2-ST handpiece is designed to deliver the reliable soldering performance required by lead-free and production soldering environments, while maximizing value through a lower cost tip. Finally, the lightweight MFR-H4-TW Precision Tweezer handpiece features tweezer soldering cartridges capable of removing even the smallest of discrete components, including 0201 packages.

All MFR-1100 Systems include an Auto-Sleep Workstand, as well as an Auto-Off function. Both of these features enable longer tip life, thus reducing ongoing operating expenses. In addition to prolonging tip life, the MFR-1100 requires no calibration. This eliminates unproductive hours annually that conventional soldering technologies require for calibration and adjustments.

The system also provides ground continuity sensing, which protects sensitive components from damage, is fully ESD compatible, and all systems are packaged in a compact and robust metal housing that saves bench space. Coupled with the hand-pieces' ergonomic design and comprehensive range of application possibilities, the new system is suitable for manufacturers looking to generate high throughput and excellent yields, without compromise.

Contact: OK International, 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-799-9910 fax: 714-799-9533 Web:

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