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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Honeywell: Fire System Retrofit Power Supply
Fire system power supply.
Northford, CT — Honeywell Power Products has created a power supply that eliminates the time-consuming task of locating a fire systems' EOL (end-of-line) resistor during retrofit installations. The FF8's (FireForce 8) variable EOL matching feature allows a resistor to be installed on the power supply acting as a reference for all outputs.

This one-of-a-kind feature stands to save fire alarm installers countless hours of searching behind numerous notification devices for the EOL resistor.

The FF8 connects to virtually any brand of fire alarm control panel to extend the power capabilities of up to four NACs (notification appliance circuits). Ancillary fire devices can also be powered by this unit. With a total output capacity of 8 amps, the FF8 delivers a maximum of 3 amps per NAC.

Additional time-saving benefits include its built-in synchronization protocols for virtually every major brand of strobes. An advanced pass-through feature allows pre-generated protocols from other synchronization sources to be utilized to build large synchronized systems.

According to the company, it is very common for the end-of-line resistor to be somewhere difficult to locate. By simply measuring the notification circuit resistance and installing the appropriate value at the power supply, the circuit can be up and running quickly — a feature that can save hours for the user.

Contact: Honeywell Life Safety Headquarters, 12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472 877-477-7697 or 203-484-7161 fax: 203-484-7118 E-mail: Web:

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