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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Vitronics Soltec: Wave Height Measurement Soldering Control
Selective soldering system measures wave height.
Stratham, NH — Vitronics Soltec's high-throughput, full-featured mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System now includes a wave height measurement system. This significant process control improvement ensures a specific predetermined wave height for every single PC board by automatically adjusting the solder pump RPMs. Thus, wave height is optimized to match the height of the PC board.

This measurement system reportedly ensures precise soldering, lowest possible defect levels, and board-to-board repeatability throughout the manufacturing run.

The closed-loop system uses a laser-based sensor to detect, measure, and monitor SelectWave height. The wave height measurement system prevents loss of cycle time and stores individual PC board settings in the system's Management Info Database for later recall. The system delivers high-volume production in a high-mix environment. Combined SelectWave and MultiWave soldering technology, plus on-the-fly reconfigurability, give the system excellent process flexibility. In addition, in-line fluxing and preheating reduce robotic soldering cycle times for faster, more efficient process cycles.

The selective soldering system and rapid-responding preheaters enhance speed and efficiency in this robust, adaptable system. It offers the ability to solder each joint within its optimum process parameters. The machine's architecture allows it to assume an optimized configuration to accommodate the appropriate process parameter settings for each individual application.

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