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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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RAMPF: Minimum Quantity Dispense System
Shot dispenser suitable for applying minimal amounts.
Wixom, MI — RAMPF Dosiertechnik has introduced a two-component, electrically conducting adhesive, intended to be applied in the smallest quantities in very short timeframes onto components under tension. This required developing a system which dynamically mixes filled materials, and dispenses extremely close to the mixing system, in order to avoid waste and excessive pressures.

In addition, the design of the system should make a multiple layout possible with the smallest possible clearance. The particular challenge thereby: to develop non-pressure sensitive dispensing pumps for systems with high mineral or metallic filler content. A new minimum quantity piston dispensing system called the M-KDS which dispenses each component with the highest precision directly into the mixing chamber. The piston system is electro-hydraulically driven, using a linear drive that makes small construction volumes possible and therefore an extremely compact system.

Spool valves control the flow of material displacement-free from the supply container into the mixing chamber. Materials in cartridges starting from 30 cm3 or in pressure vessels can be processed. In addition, no bleeding is necessary after the cartridge is changed.

The unit's dispensing output range is 2 to 20mm3 (depending on material); smallest shot-volume is approximately 1mm3 with a mixing ratio of 100:30. The largest shot-volume is approximately 250mm3, while the shortest dispensing time is about 300ms.

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