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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Hover-Davis Intros Preprinted Label Feeder
Preprinted label feeder.
Rochester, NY — Hover-Davis is introducing the new LPFN Label Feeder for Fuji. LPFN is a simple-to-use, automatic labeler within the company's LP series of label presenters that place labels with existing pick-and-place equipment just like any other component. The system's compact configuration requires no extra floor space.

Fitting onto the placement machine like any other feeder, the labeler offers the most flexible and cost-efficient solution for wide ranging labeling tasks in today's automated assembly environments.

Like the company's other base feeders, the new LPFN Preprinted Label Feeder for Fuji offers reliable electronic operation. Due to its modular construction, it easily mounts to a placement machines like any other typical feeder. A special benefit of the versatile feeder is that it automatically places labels using existing placement equipment. This is faster and more accurate than hand placement, saving both time and money in the production process, and allowing direct automatic reading for further downstream processing. In addition, the unit is very low in maintenance cost.

The feeder was specially designed for a variety of adhesive backed label products of various sizes, ensuring accurate and repeatable label presentation for product identification, traceability, process flow control and other purposes. Its label-specific module (LMG) uses a special peel-and-present concept, and it is also easy to change to present new label sizes without requiring tools. Label application dimensions are 4 to 40mm liner width, 4 to 50mm label length, and 4 to 40mm label width. Feeder width is 61.7mm, equivalent to a 56mm tape feeder. Feed rate is up to 53mm/sec.

The new label feeder is fully compatible with a number of Fuji placement machines, including the NXT, XPF and AIM placement equipment.

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