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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Adhesives Research: Conductive Film

Glen Rock, PA — Adhesives Research has developed a new electrically conductive film called ARcare® 95000 for use in medical devices that require low resistance and highly reliable Z-axis conductivity. The product is a 4.0 mil (0.10mm), non-tacky, self supported, electrically conductive polymer ...
Glen Rock, PA — Adhesives Research has developed a new electrically conductive film called ARcare® 95000 for use in medical devices that require low resistance and highly reliable Z-axis conductivity. The product is a 4.0 mil (0.10mm), non-tacky, self supported, electrically conductive polymer ...
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Environmental Rooms for Stability Testing from CSZ

Cincinnati, OH — Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) has introduced its Stability Walk-in Rooms for mild temperature and/or humidity simulation. These environmental rooms are designed for stability testing, shelf life testing, package testing, consumer product testing, research and wherever mild temperature ...Read More
Beckhoff Releases Fiber-Optic EtherCAT® I/Os

Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has released two new EtherCAT® modules for fiber-optic cabling — the EK1501 EtherCAT Coupler and EK1521 junction terminal. With the new fiber-optic EtherCAT modules, extremely long distance networking up to 2km (1.24 miles) is now possible (100BASE-FX). ...Read More
Cognex Expands Checker's Inspection Capabilities

Natick, MA — Cognex® Corporation has expanded its Checker vision sensor product line with the addition of the Checker® 252 model. The 252 includes all inspection capabilities of the Checker vision sensor family, plus additional software sensors that verify height, width, and diameter and deliver ...Read More
EarthLCD Intros Small Form Factor TFT Displays

San Juan Capistrano, CA — EarthLCD has introduced a new family of color 8-in. LCDs in response to increasing market demand for a small form factor display suitable for a multitude of applications. The new family includes eight models that are of rugged construction, low power, small footprint, and ...Read More
Eraser: Portable Coax Stripper

Syracuse, NY — Designed for portability and weighing only two pounds (910 grams), Eraser's Model 824 Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper is battery operated and can be used to strip coaxial cables, including RGU, semi-rigid, plenum and heliax. It can also process semi-rigid cable up to 0.141-in. OD ...Read More
Carlo Gavazzi: Modular Development System

Brockton, MA — Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions has introduced a modular test and development platform that supports 6U cards — the 522 Development System. The product uses a versatile design for hardware and software developers looking for performance and functionality advantages over customary ...Read More
GORE Intros Cables for Improved Networks

Landenberg, PA — W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., has added GORE QSFP copper cable assemblies to its line of products specifically designed for the high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise network and network storage markets. Especially suited for InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 Gigabit ...Read More
Specialty Clean Room Motors from HaydonKerk

Waterbury, CT — HaydonKerk Motion Solutions is introducing its Haydon specialty Clean Motor product. Designed for contamination-sensitive applications, cleanroom environments, and environments within systems under high vacuum, the Clean Motors are designed to limit contaminants and out gassing ...
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Adhesive Dispensing Accessories from Henkel

Rocky Hill, CT — Henkel Corporation's Loctite® Consumables include a wide variety of competitively priced dispense tips, static mix nozzles and syringe barrel components. High-precision dispense tips are available in stainless steel, tapered polyethylene and flexible polypropylene, and have a positive ...Read More
Hermetic Switch: More Types of Magnets

Chickasha, OK — Hermetic Switch, Inc. has expanded its magnet product offerings. The company now offers a wider range of permanent magnets in terms of material of construction, size, shape and strength. Offerings range from tiny button magnets to more substantive rare earth magnets. Construction ...Read More
Honeywell: Fire System Retrofit Power Supply

Northford, CT — Honeywell Power Products has created a power supply that eliminates the time-consuming task of locating a fire systems' EOL (end-of-line) resistor during retrofit installations. The FF8's (FireForce 8) variable EOL matching feature allows a resistor...
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Lista: Updated Technical Workstations

Holliston, MA — Lista International Corporation has released a line of updated Technical Electronic Workstations suitable for a wide variety of industries, including assembly, quality, repair, maintenance and laboratory applications. These modular workstations are ergonomically designed, and offer ...Read More
NKK Environmentally Sealed Switches Get Wire Leads

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has added wire leads to the company's WT, WR and WB series of environmentally sealed toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches. Typical applications for these switches include refrigeration equipment, AC motor control, monitoring equipment, biomedical instrumentation...
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OK Int'l Intros Multi-Function Rework System

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has launched its MFR-1100 Series Single Output Soldering and Rework System, which maximizes application solutions and increase productivity, the system features a choice of three hand-pieces for soldering and rework applications. The versatile new MFR (Multi-Function ...Read More
Omron Intros Optical Module for HDMI Over Fiber

Pleasanton, CA — Omron has released the P1TX6A-SX51-01M Transmitter Optical Module and the P1RX6A-SX51-01M Receiver Optical Module to serve the high-definition video market. The easy-to-implement SX51 Module is the appropriate solution for the distance challenges inherent in the bandwidth-intensive ...Read More
Penn Eng. Intros Pivoting Flush Mount Fastener

Danboro, PA — New PEM® SpotFast® fasteners paired with a specially designed wave washer allow reliable attachment of two thin metal parts in applications that also require repeatable pivoting or hinging action. These self-clinching fasteners (Type SFW)...
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New from QuadTech: High-Voltage Wiring Analyzer

Maynard, MA — QuadTech has introduced the Meridian, an all-in-one high voltage wiring analyzer for benchtop applications. The Meridian offers customers more advanced testing capabilities and user-friendly features. It is set to replace the Horizon Series as the...
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Remstar: MegaStation Vertical Carousel

Westbrook, ME — The new Remstar MegaStation® vertical carousel is designed to recover floor space, increase productivity and improve operator ergonomics in electronic applications. The system consists of shelves that rotate up or down via the shortest path, automatically delivering items to an ...Read More
Rogers Intros Hi-Freq Circuit Material

Rogers, CT — Rogers Corporation's Advanced Circuit Materials Division's new RO2808 high frequency circuit material has a dielectric constant of 7.6. The ceramic-filled PTFE material offers the stability and high frequency performance of LTCC. It boasts low loss tangent of 0.002 or less and can be ...Read More
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