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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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AOI Makes All the Difference

AOI systems were developed around 1985 to satisfy the need to automate manual (visual) inspection of printed circuit boards. The forces that pushed for automation were familiar: labor costs, smaller boards, smaller...

Guarding Against Counterfeit Components

There are counterfeit components out there — lots of them — and every one of them is booby-trapped to ruin somebody's otherwise well-designed product...

Machine Vision Inspection Boosts Production Accuracy

Intended for automobile equipment manufacturers, the parts manufactured by Meister France are subjected to very strict appearance checks with the aim of completely eliminating defective parts before delivery to customers. This is an ambitious gamble when you are...

The Future of In-Circuit Test

Distinct eras define the 40-year history of circuit board test equipment. Digital functional testers such as the Teradyne L115 and General Radio 1796, supported by LASAR and CAPS simulators respectively, dominated electronics manufacturing test from the late 1960s...

X-Ray Inspection in IC Packaging

X-Ray imaging offers a non-destructive, safe method to analyze the quality of manufacture for IC components of all types. X-ray imaging reveals the internal structural attributes of the package and complements...

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