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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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ACL: Antistatic Shield Now in Aerosol

Elk Grove Village, IL — Responding to customer demand, ACL Incorporated is now packaging its long-lasting static dissipative coating called Staticide ESD Safety Shield in an aerosol spray. The 6500 Staticide ESD Safety Shield is a humidity-independent water-based coating that provides a constant ...Read More
APS Novastar Intros Auto Placer Vision Control

Huntingdon Valley, PA — APS Novastar LLC is introducing automatic Vision Control for its L-Series pick-and-place systems. Vision Control advances the already precise, fast and reliable placement of 0201s with 100 percent accurate on-the-fly, bottom-up vision placement of micro BGAs and ultra fine ...Read More
Cirris Intros Connector Pinning Assembly Aid

Salt Lake City, UT — Cirris Systems Corp. is introducing Pin-Sight, calling it a revolutionary new tool for assuring correct pinning of electrical connectors during wire harness assembly. Pin-Sight's hi-res CCD camera guides the operator by electronically superimposing, on a video monitor, a target ...Read More
DEK: Si Solar Cell Processing Line

Flemington, NJ — DEK has introduced new silicon solar cell processing equipment that provides precise handling and maximum throughput of 150mm silicon wafers. The PV1200 system is designed to minimize breakages during wafer handling, while remaining easy to observe and monitor. The modular system ...Read More
ECD Intros New M.A.P. Version

Milwaukie, OR — ECD has introduced a new and updated version (Version 2.16b) of its M.A.P.® software. Used with the company's family of thermal profilers, the V-M.O.L.E.®, the company's M.A.P. (Machine, Assembly, and Process) software has proven valuable both to the engineer and the production ...Read More
ESD-Safe Binders from Desco

Chino, CA — Desco now offers its line of ESD 3-Ring Binders with static-dissipative clear overlay pockets. Pockets on the front, back, and spine allow the user to insert your covers or documents. In addition, interior pockets allow additional storage for quick and easy access.Read More
Hard-to-Print Media Handled by cab Printer

Tyngsboro, MA — cab Technology, Inc. has released the A4+M printer. This addition to A+ Series family of printers is specifically designed to print difficult and challenging media. The new product is based on the company's highly successful A+ platform which provides many features and capabilities ...Read More
Hover-Davis Intros Preprinted Label Feeder

Rochester, NY — Hover-Davis is introducing the new LPFN Label Feeder for Fuji. LPFN is a simple-to-use, automatic labeler within the company's LP series of label presenters that place labels with existing pick-and-place equipment just like any other component. The system's compact configuration requires ...
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HumiSeal® Launches Designer-Friendly Web Site

Taunton, MA — HumiSeal® has launched new website dedicated to making it easier for engineers to identify the correct product for their applications. The new website represents an industry first by featuring a live and interactive selection guide as well as everything the user needs to know about ...
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Ironwood Intros QFN Socket

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced a new high performance QFN socket for 0.5mm pitch BGA 256 pin ICs. The SG-BGA-7121, SG-BGA-7122 sockets are designed for an 8 X 8mm package size and reportedly operates at bandwidths up to 10GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. The sockets ...Read More
Jet Edge Intros Mid Rail Gantry

St. Michael, MN — Jet Edge, Inc. is introducing its new Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet System, which has an 8 X 13-in. work envelope with an exposed tank that easily accommodates overhead loading. It comes standard with one abrasive jet cutting head; a second cutting head can be added to increase productivity ...Read More
Low Cost Circular Blade Depanelizers from FKN

Framingham, MA — Available off the shelf from FKN Systek, the K2000 motorized circular blade PC board depanelizer separates prescored printed circuit boards without dust or scrap. Models with side support tables for board holding, or with XY table to accurately guide panels into the cutting area ...Read More
Manncorp: Automatic Rework Station

Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp has added automation and operator upgrades for its Martin "Expert" lead-free rework system. The new 09.6 version of the PC-controlled station automatically performs virtually any stage of SMT repair, from removal to replacement, as well as the resolder of BGAs, CSPs, ...Read More
Menda: Workstation Organizer

Chino, CA — Menda's new Workstation Organizer, Item 35874, is suitable for standardizing the placement of tools on a workstation and improving its appearance and efficiency. This is a workstation solution for companies in compliance with 4S. The organizer has six cells that can hold such workstation ...Read More
MVP: Updated & Enhanced Web Site

Carlsbad, CA — Machine Vision Products, Inc. has launched a new web site with enhanced customer support tools. The site launch reflects the company's new corporate branding and is designed for easy navigation of its AOI solutions for the Micro-electronics, Semiconductor and SMT Assembly inspection industries ...Read More
RAMPF: Minimum Quantity Dispense System

Wixom, MI — RAMPF Dosiertechnik has introduced a two-component, electrically conducting adhesive, intended to be applied in the smallest quantities in very short timeframes onto components under tension. This required developing a system which dynamically mixes filled materials, and dispenses extremely ...Read More
Scheugenpflug: Cast Resins Dispensing System

Kennesaw, GA — Scheugenpflug's Dos A300 unit is a dispensing system for liquid, self-leveling dispensing materials as well as abrasive resins. It was especially designed for handling liquid-to-medium viscous resins, with or without filling materials. It is highly recommended for humidity sensitive ...Read More
Schleuniger Intros Cost Effective Automation Module

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger, Inc. has introduced its new TransferModule 1500 — a flexible, semi-automatic platform for linking production processes that require one or two linear movements. Complex processing steps can be automated where precise repetition is critical, improving quality and reducing labor ...Read More
Valor Delivers Dashboard Mfg. Solution

Yavne, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems in partnership with Business Objects, has introduced The plant level dashboard — calling it the industry's most advanced MI (Manufacturing Intelligence) tool, providing a high level view of performance of multiple assembly lines, WIP tracking, and full ...Read More
Vitronics Soltec: Wave Height Measurement Soldering Control

Stratham, NH — Vitronics Soltec's high-throughput, full-featured mySelective 6748 Selective Soldering System now includes a wave height measurement system. This significant process control improvement ensures a specific predetermined wave height for every single PC board by automatically adjusting ...Read More
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