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3D Rapid Prototyping Changing Manufacturing

Faster. better. cheaper Is the new mantra of today's manufacturing companies, which are using innovative methods to get their products to market faster, better and cheaper than ever before. Who would have thought these words would be used to describe manufacturing?

ASM SIPLACE: Meeting Tomorrow’s Assembly Challenges

During Productronica, we were given the very special privilege of touring the ASM SIPLACE production plant in Munich — a relatively short drive from the Munich Trade Fair Center. This historic city of 1.5 million people is a wonderful combination of the very old and the ultra-modern ...

In Korea: Fuel Cells to Replace Nuclear Power Plants

Seoul, South Korea — It's a worldwide phenomenon: nuclear power plants are being viewed with increased suspicion and unease — especially in the wake of the 2011 earthquake/tsunami Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan. The mood in South Korea is increasingly moving away from favoring nuclear ...

Modular Design Redefines High-Speed Dispensing

As electronics technology advances, the level of customization in consumer products has skyrocketed. At present, customizable features can be found in almost every electronic purchase. Through a wide range of electronic products, from personal computers (PCs) and cellular telephones to liquid-crystal ...

Dealing With A Different Medical Safety Standard

The third edition of the EN60601-1 safety standard for medical devices and systems has been in force in Europe since mid-2012, and has resulted in disharmony with power module manufacturers. This newest version of the medical safety standard was not nearly as uniform as it might have been, and those ...

Raspberry Pi Computers Can Sweeten The Workplace

Raspberry Pi computers were nominally developed for schools and hospitals in Great Britain as low-cost teaching vehicles for students to improve their programming skills. These single-board computers are equipped with a secure digital (SD) memory card socket but no internal memory, ...

Advanced Content Networking ICs: Transforming Multiscreen Content Delivery

Consumers are increasingly demanding content anywhere and at any time on their wireless devices. Yet, while newer smartphones and tablet devices have been designed for maximum productivity, they often fall short of providing a full entertainment experience. To support this growing market and demand ...

Who Will Support and Refurbish Your UPS?

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are designed and built to provide years of reliable service. But even the most rugged products meant for military and industrial environments won’t last forever. When a UPS fails, due to abuse, human error, or even normal wear and tear, it must be repaired or replaced ...

Preparing Your Network for Migration to the Cloud

By now, you've heard so much about the cloud, you're probably wondering if the sun will even come out again. The cloud is the answer to all of your IT problems, right? Well, it can certainly solve many current IT challenges, but with migration comes additional challenges. Moving all of your data to ...

Is the Cloud Really Serving Us?

The most exciting part of the computer and consumer electronics industries is also one of the dullest — storage. Oh sure, we like the new smartphones, tablets, ultra ultra HDTVs and ultrabooks they showed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and all the bling folks come up with to personalize them ...

Solving UL Approval Needs of Rigid Flex Circuits

The use of rigid flex in military, avionics and aerospace applications has grown steadily since the 1990s, and it is particularly valuable in high stress, high vibration, or thermal excursion environments that would disrupt connectivity in traditional rigid boards with flex/connector junctions. Rigid ...

Lessons from the Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy made fools out of some hospital administrators in New York City, where absolutely vital emergency generators came up short, forcing massive evacuation of patients from four hospitals to hospitals that had generators that worked. Today's hospitals cannot operate without electricity ...

Why Whole Building Surge Protectors Don't Work

Whole building surge protectors (SPDs: Surge Protection Devices) often claim to be a "first line of defense" against surges. A review of their performance ratings, however, shows this claim is inaccurate. It is acknowledged that supplemental lower clamping level point-of-use products (SPDs) are still ...

Solving the Portable Data Security Headache

Protecting intellectual property and sensitive information is a major security concern for any business today — especially against the backdrop of workers needing to share documents and files with their colleagues, customers, and partners on a daily basis.

USB 3 Finally Comes to CostCo

Last December, when I took a good look at the new ASUS motherboard I had purchased to upgrade my old, ailing computer, I noted that it had a pair of USB 3 ports. I made a mental note to investigate these further at a future date. Right then, I was more interested in simply getting the computer up ...

Security Myths: Fixing those Leaking Holes

All too often people hide behind what they "want" to believe is true. Unfortunately, personal beliefs and opinions will not prevent a ruthless individual from ransacking your network's filing cabinets. The easy road is not necessarily the secure one so, rather than wait for a hacker or malicious insider ...

AWR Software: Universal LTE Smartphones

Next-generation mobile devices are entering the market every day, yet they increasingly face many challenges, not the least of which is a growing scarcity of spectrum space and a variety of mobile access technologies worldwide. Currently deployed cellular standards include GSM, WCDMA ...

Curing Common Test Equipment Headaches — A Comprehensive Approach

Engineers everywhere are under increasing pressure to get products to market as quickly and cost effectively as possible. They shouldn't be wasting time tracking down test equipment or dealing with internal bureaucracies related to test.

Finally: The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing

Peter Mell and Timothy Grance, NIST
(This article is repeated from our October 2011 Edition) A cloud infrastructure is the collection of hardware and software that enables the five essential characteristics of cloud computing. The cloud infrastructure can be viewed as containing both a physical layer and an abstraction layer. The physical layer consists of the hardware resources that are necessary to support the cloud services being provided, and typically includes server, storage and network components. The abstraction layer consists of the software deployed across the physical layer, which manifests the essential cloud characteristics. Conceptually the abstraction layer sits above the physical layer.

After years in the works and 15 drafts, the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) working definition of cloud computing, the 16th and final definition has been published (NIST Special Publication 800-145).

A Tale of Two Computers

My old less-than-faithful H-P tower desktop computer has been non-operational for many months. It has been acting as a rather large doorstop, until I finally took the bit in my teeth and started to work on it. Over the years (original purchase had been in 2004) it had blown out several hard disk drives ...
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