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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Pickering Intros 3 New Modules
Model 40-262 PXI module.
Clacton-on-Sea, UK — New from Pickering Interfaces is the 60-800 Microwave Multiplexer, which is suitable for switching 50Ω signals up to 20GHz. With the capability of supporting up to 16 banks of 6-channel multiplexers, it is suitable for constructing complex microwave switching systems for many applications. Connection is by high performance front panel mounted SMA connectors. A 75Ω version, the 60-820, covers frequencies to 4GHz.

The new model 40-262 is a 3U PXI Module that supports 6 channels (in one slot) or 18 channels (in two slots) of RTD simulation. Based on the 40-260 design principles, the module can provide a setting resolution of 2mΩ and a resistance accuracy of better than 0.1 percent on all channels. Each simulation channel is able to provide a short or open circuit setting to simulate faulty wiring connections to a sensor. Calibration or verification of each resistor channel can be verified by using the calibration port connected to a high performance DMM and a supplied software package. Also introduced by Pickering, the 40-191 is a 6-Channel Fault Insertion switch designed for the simulation of fault conditions in automotive systems. The module uses solid-state switching elements and is capable of switching current up to 30A. It is designed to be able to insert three different fault conditions between the test fixture and the equipment under test: Open-Circuit, Short-Circuit between UUT connections, Short-Circuit to other fault conditions such as POW/IGN/GND via Fault Insertion Bus. Through relays on each channel enable signals to the UUT to be held open-circuit. Fault Insertion Buses allow any channel to be shorted to any other channel and also enable any channel to be connected to an external fault condition.

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