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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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HP Intros 4500 Watts 3U Rack UPS
UPS for tower or rack mounting.
Houston, TX — Hewlett Packard has introduced the rack-to-tower HP R5500 uninterruptible power system (UPS). Designed for dense data-center environments, the new UPS offers more true power in a smaller form factor provides more performance while saving valuable rack space for server and storage equipment. The new UPS provides 1500 watts per U, or 4500 watts total in just 3U.

This line-interactive UPS uses a digital signal processor rather than a transformer and provides voltage regulation without using the battery. With two independently controllable load segments, an optional rack-to-tower conversion kit, and no-cost HP Power Management software bundled in the box, the UPS is easy to customize for unique situations and manage systems quickly and remotely. Option cards and Extended Runtime Modules (ERMs) add networking capabilities and load segmentation, while increasing system back up time.

The two load segments provide the flexibility to configure scheduled startups and shutdowns, in addition to independently control separate loads. Working in conjunction with HP Power Management Software, the HP UPS R5500 can be configured to prioritize and extend the runtime of critical devices. By shutting down a load segment that is connected to less critical equipment, the runtime for more critical equipment is extended, providing additional protection.

The RoHS-compliant system provides 5000 VA at 4500 Watts in 3U rack space. Included are attached line cords for easier connection. The system provides extra long battery life with Enhanced Battery Management (EBM), as well as longer run time with Digital Signal Processing technology (DSP). Options include Extended Runtime Modules (ERMs), and tower conversion kit to changes rack-mountable R5500 to tower installation.

Contact: Hewlett Packard, P.O. Box 692000, Houston, TX 77269-2000 800-282-6672 or 281-370-0670 Web:

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