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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Connor-Winfield: Single Chip Sync Clock
Timing source ICs.
Aurora, IL — Connor-Winfield's new STC5230 is a single chip solution that provides timing source in SDH, SONET, and Synchronous Ethernet network elements. The device is fully compliant with ITU-G.813 and Telcordia GR1244 and GR253. It accepts 12 reference inputs and generates 9 independent synchronized output clocks. Reference input frequencies are automatically detected, and inputs are individually monitored for quality.

Active reference selection may be manual or automatic. All reference switches are hitless. Synchronized outputs may be programmed for a wide variety of SONET and SDH as well as Synchronous Ethernet frequencies.

Two independent timing generators, T0 and T4, provide the essential functions for Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS). Each timing generator includes a DPLL (Digital Phase-Locked Loop), which may operate in the Freerun, Synchronized, and Holdover modes. Both timing generators support master/slave operation for redundant applications. The proprietary SyncLink cross-couple data link provides master/slave phase information and state data to ensure seamless side switches.

A standard SPI serial bus interface provides access to the STC5230's comprehensive, yet simple-to-use internal control and status registers. The device operates with an external OCXO or TCXO as its MCLK at 20MHz.

The IC timing source is capable of field upgrade with optional external EEPROM or via the bus interface. It is designed for SDH SETS, SONET Stratum 3, 4E, 4 and SMC, and Synchronous Ethernet; has two timing generators, T0 and T4, for SETS; complies with ITU-G.813, Telcordia GR1244, and GR253; supports Master/Slave redundant application with the SyncLink cross-couple data links; accepts 12 individual clock reference inputs; reference clock inputs are automatically frequency detected; each is monitored for quality; supports manual and automatic reference selection.

T0 and T4 have independent reference lists and priority tables for automatic reference selection; output 9 synchronized clocks.

Contact: Connor-Winfield Corp., 2111 Comprehensive Dr., Aurora, IL 60505 630-851-4722 fax: 630-851-5040 E-mail: Web:

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