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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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American Bright Intros Compact LED Engines
20 and 10 watt light engines. .
Chino, CA — American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. has introduced two new compact light engine modules that use its new direct die attachment (DDA) technology and integrated thermal management architecture that increases service life, luminous output and overall luminary efficiency. The two new light engines are available with a power rating of 10 watts or 20 watts.

The 10-watt light engine has a nominal diameter of less than 1.0-in. (24.6mm) and the 20-watt light engine measures only 1.3-in. (33mm) across its widest section. Both light engines are suitable for luminaries designed to meet the growing demand for energy efficient, long life general illumination products that exceed the light quality and consistency of competing high power LED technologies such as standard hard and soft encapsulated LEDs.

The DDA technology allows for the placement of the LED die directly into cavities that are contained within the thermal interface. The die are glued down within the cavities, wire bonded, phosphor-treated and then encapsulated, all within the module, eliminating secondary soldering of the LED to a metal core printed circuit board (MCPC board). DDA is significantly more efficient from a manufacturing standpoint, both for the company and the end user, and reduces materials required to manufacture a high power LED system, thereby significantly shortening the manufacturing cycle time. Completely integrated modules can be secured to additional thermal interfaces, normally comprised of the final fixture, and connected to the driver system for final assembly.

The 10-watt light engine will typically produce 550 lumens, creating a luminous efficacy of 55 lumens per watt (lm/W) in the warm white (3000K CCT) color bins. The 20-watt light engine will produce an impressive 1100 lumens in the same warm white color bin at the same 960mA. The light engines also come in a cool white (5000K CCT) that has an efficacy of 65 lumens per watt (lm/W).The total viewing angle of the emitted light is a wide 120°.

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