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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Digitaltest Launches Versatile QMAN Data Entry Station
Data entry screen.
Stutensee, Germany — Digitaltest is launching its brand new, versatile QMAN data entry station IRWS (Inspection and Repair Work Station) which is suitable for data entry at visual inspection workstations. A checklist can be provided which must be completed by the operator to confirm that the visual inspection has been carried out.

The data entry station can also operate at functional test stations where it is often quite difficult to interface functional test results with quality management systems. The IRWS station provides highly flexible support where Functional test parameters can be entered and pass/fail test results can be written into the quality management database.

In addition, the new QMAN module can also be used at other points in the manufacturing process — particularly at for packaging stations.

Before packing or installing an assembly, the serial number can be scanned at the IRWS station; the software can then check if all tests have been completed with a "pass". The assembly would not be released for packaging or installation until all necessary tests had been confirmed as passed. If any operational step had been missed, the system could indicate which step and, where to re-insert the assembly.

The product can be also be easily integrated with systems from other vendors.

QMAN Version 5 is the Quality management software for the MTS systems as well as other testers from other manufacturer. QMAN on-line facilities capture the fault messages logged by Visual and Diagnostic work stations, Automatic Test Equipment and other critical process areas. The basic idea is to offer the information required during the production process all the time and at every place. In addition, the repair data can be used to generate trend alarms and statistical information for management to evaluate the quality of the production process.

Contact: Digitaltest, Inc., 5046 Commercial Circle, Suite C, Concord, CA 94520 925-603-8650 fax: 925-603-8651 Web:

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