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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Viscom: Wire Bond AOI System
Wire bond inspection system.
Atlanta, GA — Viscom's has introduced the S6053BO-V, the company's newest generation of fully automatic wire bond inspection systems. The inspection system was conceived specifically for small wire bond analysis. The system is equipped with a universal, high-resolution VHR camera module. The high quality optics make it possible to inspect down to a resolution of 2 to 5µm per pixel.

The camera module can be arrayed with one or several cameras and specialized illumination units. Thus, even bond wires smaller than 20µm in diameter can be 100 percent inspected. Both the camera technology as well as the transport can be adapted to the most widely varying production demands.

If faster cycle times are required, the machine is available in a dual track configuration. The dual track system includes an integrated shuttle which loads the second track as an inspection is conducted on the first track. This innovative transport concept fulfills demands for the fastest cycle times.

The system's design is configured for extremely fine bond wire analyses, yet it can be utilized wherever small structures must be resolved with precise accuracy. This opens up the inspection scope beyond the inspection of wires.

Components and ASICs can also be inspected with the same high accuracy. The inspection scope includes all classical inspection tasks associated with die and wire bonds. One of the greatest benefits is the company's image processing capability to reliably identify defects even on very small mechanical components and to measure them when required.

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