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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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JTAG Intros Rack-Mountable Instruments
JTAG test setup screen.
Stevensville, MD — JTAG Technologies has introduced its Rack-Mountable Instrument, JT 37x7/RMI — a fully-featured DataBlaster controller together with a front-end QuadPOD, packaged into a convenient form factor that's perfect for mounting in a standard 19-in. equipment rack. The four TAPs are easily accessed on the front panel of the RMI.

In addition to the TAPs, the front panel contains connectors for 256 programmable I/Os that can be used enhancing boundary-scan access on the target board or system. Clients can use the RMI with existing test sequencers, including the company's AEX or National Instruments TestStand, and whatever hardware platform they prefer.

The company also has available a new USB version of its low-cost 3705 Explorer, one of the first commercially available boundary-scan controllers. The new low-cost USB-powered controller has been developed to address the requirements of design engineers, SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) and low volume CEMs (Contract Electronic Manufacturers).

The original parallel port version of the 3705 Explorer has enjoyed a great success worldwide for over 10 years. The new USB version — still offers a fully functional boundary-scan controller with two TAPs (Test Access Ports) at low cost, but adds higher TCK rates and more voltage options than before in a highly compact form-factor.

The JT 3705/USB is powered from the USB interface making it portable and compatible with the burgeoning laptop population. It offers two TAPs (Test Access Ports) that can be fully synchronized for test purposes and is compatible with all JTAG Technologies' development tools such as JTAG ProVision and production packages such as the Stand-alone package (PSA) and the Production Integration Packages for LabVIEW, LabWindows, TestStand as well as C/C++ and Visual Basic.

The JT 3705/USB can be used for structural board testing, in-system device programming (ISP) of CPLDs, and in-system programming of small blocks of flash memory data etc. Programmable output levels per TAP (1.5V to 3.6 volts) make the JT3705/USB compatible with all current and future logic families. Test clock frequency may also be programmed from 100Hz to a brisk 6MHz allowing test applications to be executed quickly and easily.

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