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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Goepel: Boundary Scan Module Extends Test Coverage
CION test module.
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced its CION Module/DIMM240 as another Boundary Scan I/O module of the CION product family. The new digital low-cost module is serially controlled via TAP to special CION ASIC chips, and enables the testing of all signal and voltage supply pins of JEDEC Std. compliant DIMM240 sockets for DDR2-SDRAM.

The new product is the 13th module within the CION module family. When plugged into a its socket, the interface stages' voltages are adapted automatically. Because the modules are equipped with a transparent TAP, several boards of the same or different types can be cascaded in a Daisy Chain configuration for testing. The structural Boundary Scan test of all DIMM240 signal and voltage supply pins are executed by the on-board module's ASIC ICs. All channels can be independently switched as Input/Output/Tristate. To ensure protection of test equipment and unit under test (UUT), the CION Module provides special safety mechanisms such as "UNSTRESS" to prevent damage in case of shorts, extended power yield and voltage programmable TAP. According to the company, these features guarantee not only high reliability and flexibility but also outstanding safety and extendibility.

The new hardware module is completely supported by all JTAG/Boundary Scan controllers of the ScanBooster and SCANFLEX®families as well the integrated Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON.

Users are now able to easily integrate the CION Module into a test project with automatically generated test vectors. Any faults detected can be interactively debugged and visualized graphically at pin and net level in the layout and schematic.

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