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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Test our new U.S. Tech Interactive Knowledge Base
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
We have been working to improve our web site and adding special new features to make sure that it's the first place you look when you turn on your computer in the morning. U.S. Tech Interactive has launched a new Home Page — a place where readers like you will continue to find up-to-the-minute daily news.

Our Web Editor Mike Martel has been posting industry news here for the last six months. Some of these daily news items will be moved to the News Archive so that you can reference and revisit them.

But there's more; on the left menu, we have created a knowledge base access point for every Special Focus Feature, Management, Production, Partnering, and EMS column published since the current site was launched. You'll also find every product release that has been posted on the web, categorized by the section in which it appeared. Within those sections, we have created sub-categories to help you zero in on the type of product you're looking for. The Product Preview sections have been organized by the associated trade show. The Hi-Tech Events and Calendar sections link to the corresponding sections in the Current Issue. In the future, we intend to allow trade associations access so they can post their own items in these sections.

Still want to read U.S. Tech as it appears in print? Just click on the tab at the top that says "CURRENT ISSUE". Want to view a previous issue? Click on the "ARCHIVE" tab on the top. Below the fold you'll find abstracts of some of the articles that appear in the repository.

Want to see it in Mandarin? Just click on the "Chinese" tab and you'll see the most recent issue fully translated into Mandarin. These are not computer translations, but have been performed by flesh-and-blood Chinese writers/translators. This way, our Mandarin readers get the full benefit of accurate translations with appropriate nuances intact.

And through all this, U.S. Tech continues to grow, keeping pace with our industry and its needs. Make U.S. Tech Interactive your first stop, right after you get your morning's cup of coffee.  

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