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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Miga Intros SMA "Smart" Linear Motor
Smart motor on PC board.
Berkeley, CA — Miga Motor Company has introduced its new MigaOne motor, described as an incredibly powerful, but lightweight (less than 0.5 oz.) linear actuator built directly onto a PCB substrate. This new motor, now being adapted for use by NASA and Boeing, is wafer-thin and smaller than a credit card, with an exceptional force/weight ratio.

Less than 0.1-in. thick, the MigaOne produces a 3/8-in. stroke at 2.5 lb-f. This performance is a result of the company's patented technology which uses SMA wire as the driving element. The innovative flat motor design opens up a new world of product concepts previously not possible with traditional motors and solenoids.

The new motor also enables design engineers to build a motor directly onto their own PC board with a proprietary electronic circuit. This yields a single board solution that carries out all the electronic signal processing and delivers the end-result: smart mechanical movement.

Use of the motor provides a controllable stroke, which allows for a precision velocity profile, while its non-magnetic operation drastically reduces EMI. Silent operation ensures discretion and comfort, and the design eliminates bulky gears and leadscrews. The motor is less than 10 percent the weight and volume of a comparable motor or solenoid, and its scalable design can be easily adapted to customer needs.

Applications include in smart electronic locks/latches, air duct vanes/shunts, valves, advanced robotics and a wide range of biomedical equipment.

Contact: Miga Motor Company, Strawberry Creek Design Center, 1250 Addison St., #208, Berkeley, CA 94702 866-644-2726 fax: 510-486-8381 E-mail: Web: 

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