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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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EFD Intros New Green Cartridges
Green cartridges for lead-free dispensing. .
East Providence, RI — EFD, Inc., a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation has added new green-colored cartridges to its Optimum line of industrial fluid dispensing components. Many manufacturers have switched from traditional lead solder to lead-free solder in their production processes, and suppliers of lead-free solder pastes often package them in green cartridges to distinguish them from their lead counterparts.

The company's new cartridges are precision molded from clear green polypropylene, and provide several advantages over the opaque green cartridges that until now were the only choice available. Principal among the advantages is the cartridges' see-through clarity, which can reduce costly downtime on automated production lines by making it easy to monitor the amount of solder remaining in the cartridge and change it before it runs out.

The company's proprietary ZeroDraft design ensures that the internal diameter of the cartridge is consistent from top to bottom. A matching piston wipes the cartridge wall clean as solder is dispensed, eliminating waste.

In addition, new design and robust construction minimize the risk of cracking and splitting often encountered with other cartridges. The new green cartridges are available in 2.5, 6, 12, 20, and 3-oz. capacities to meet a wide range of applications.

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