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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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SPEA Intros SoC & SiP Tester
C600MX SoC & SiP Tester.
Tyler, TX — SPEA has introduced its C600MX, the newest system in the ComptestMX SoC & SiP tester family. The tester is designed to enhance the multi-site parallel test capability, for the wafer and final test of systems-on-a-chip (SoCs), systems in package (SiPs), MEMS and power devices, to lower their costs while meeting the test requirements of even the most complex devices.

The system provides up to 2,048 channels (analog, digital and mixed-signal), with a low cost per pin, at frequencies up to 200MHz. The true per-pin architecture allows 99 percent parallel test efficiency in multi-site testing of multiple devices. The real parallel test is performed thanks to programmable logic units per pin, timing measurement units per pin, multiple channel digitizers, DSP instrumentation and arbitrary signal generator units for the multiple signal generation and analog acquisition.

According to the company, the new tester lowers the cost of test with a high-throughput system that is able to answer the increasing test requirements for complex semiconductor devices.

The 88 universal slots in the C600MX's test head can be equipped with a complete set of instruments: digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators, counters, analog and digital channels, while the system cabinet can house a range of power generators with up to ±2500V or 30A.

This versatility extends the variety of applications to all the SiP and SoC devices demanding high voltages or current: MEMS and sensors, automotive semiconductors, analog/digital devices, power management devices, battery chargers and lighting and LED drivers. The open and scalable Comptest MX's test platform hardware and software architecture is open, modular, scalable and flexible: PC performance independent, automatic C++ code generation and 16-wire SynchroBus insure best time-to-market, and an easy modification or integration of the system instrumentation meet the need to answer changes in production and new test requirements.

Contact: SPEA America, 2609 S SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701 903-595-4433 fax: 903-595-5003 E-mail: Web:

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