Saturday, March 25, 2017
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All Flex Intros Flexible Heaters
Northfield, MN — All Flex Acquisitions, LLC (dba All Flex) now has the capability to produce custom Flexible Heater Circuits. Flexible Heater Circuits are thin, lightweight and flexible substrates that can provide heat to selected areas of instrumentation, electronic systems, equipment, and a variety of other applications. The company can reverse engineer, design and fabricate flexible heaters to meet exact customer requirements.

Flexible polyimide heaters and heater assemblies are fabricated with a variety of metal alloys to deliver custom solutions for heating capacity, wattage density, and other application-specific customer needs.

According to the company, designing, building and supplying flexible heaters on polyimide substrates is a natural extension of its existing product line technology.

Polyimide material and adhesive systems are appropriate in almost any application that would be suitable for a flexible circuit; including exposure to harsh chemicals and corrosive environments, temperature extremes, aerospace and vacuum environments requiring low out-gassing, and applications constrained by limited space and weight for the heater. Because polyimide is lightweight and flexible, heaters can be built in irregular shapes and conform to contours and 3-dimensional patterns.

Contact: Flexible Printed Circuits, 1705 Cannon Lane, Northfield, MN 55057. 800-830-0181; fax: 507-663-1070. E-mail: Web:


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