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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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TDK Launches Thin Film Filters
Thin-film common-mode filters.
Mount Prospect, IL — TDK Corporation has launched what it says is the industry's first wide-band thin-film common mode filter for EMI suppression on DisplayPort interfaces. The new filter, TCM1210U-500-2P, works as an EMI countermeasure on high-speed data transmission lines in notebook computers, audiovisual equipment and other electronic devices.

Measuring 1.25 x 1.0 x 0.6mm, this product is designed specifically for suppressing noise on DisplayPort connections, a new standard for signal transmission between computers or audiovisual equipment and display monitors at speeds that exceed even HDMI (2.25Gbit/s). A DisplayPort link uses up to four lines, each rated for 2.7Gbit/s, resulting in a total transfer rate of 10.8Gbit/s. The demand for EMI suppression components in this area of high-speed data transfer is expected to grow significantly in the near future as more electronic devices use DisplayPort technology.

In order to create a product to meet this demand, TDK applied its industry-leading expertise in thin-film magnetic head technology (including proprietary thin film deposition and patterning technologies).

With a cutoff frequency of 8.0GHz, the rating of the new filter is 2GHz higher than that of the existing thin-film common mode filter for HDMI (TCM1210H-900-2P). In addition, the filter has an impedance of 50Ω (at 100MHz), a rated current of 100mA and rated voltage of 10V. As a result, the filter offers effective noise control without degrading the outstanding transmission characteristics of high-speed differential transmission line signals.

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