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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Digitaltest Focus On Software Solutions
System screen for test procedure.
Concord, CA — Digitaltest Inc. is demonstrating a range of hardware and software test solutions for electronics manufacturers. The company is highlighting its innovative testers: Condor Flying Probe System, the MTS300 Sigma and the MTS 180 with new features. In addition, the company is offering a wide range of software that can enable fast, reliable and cost-effective manufacturing of complex electronic systems.

The company has developed software tools to enable process improvements to be made at every stage of the manufacturing cycle and in a wide range of industries. This is achieved by combining the knowledge and experience of the company's manufacturing expertise and software engineering to provide reduced cycle-time, improved time-to-market, improved data accuracy and traceability, and finding cost-effective, efficient ways of increasing quality, productivity, and yield.

The company is unveiling QMan Universal Inspection Station Test, with results of test equipment (ATE) automatically written into the QMan SQL database. A new universal data entry station supports Visual Inspection, Functional Test Stations and Packaging Stations. QMan will provide check lists for visual inspection; fast data entry to keep up with short cycle times; verification of data entry correctness (plausibility check); login for operator and administrator.

QEM is the QMan integrated environment. It provides a convenient means to create new databases, adjust system configuration, view and edit tables through the Database Explorer, generate reports through the Reports Explorer and launch all server and client system components.

The new QMan Failure Importer can run either as a Windows® Service or in the normal mode. A Failure Importer Controller is developed with a set of very useful features to control all running FI instances on a certain workstation.

Contact: Digitaltest, Inc., 5046 Commercial Circle, Suite C, Concord, CA 94520 925-603-8650 fax: 925-603-8651 Web:

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