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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Creform Intros ESD Rated Logistics Structures
ESD safe racks and workstations.
Greer, SC — Creform® Corporation has introduced two new ESD rated material handling and logistics structures. The structures are designed to safeguard static-sensitive electronics during assembly and transport. The new concepts include a mobile workstation and, as a complement to the station, an ergonomic flow rack that stores and presents parts and components to technicians at the workstation.

Both units are constructed using the company's ESD static dissipative components consisting of conductive plastic coated steel pipe, nickel plated metal joints along with conductive hardware accessories, a metallic work surface and ESD casters to customize the rack and work area to fit specific application requirements. The workstation unit includes an overhead structure suitable for mounting work lights, or for suspending hand tools and operator assists, helping to keep work areas organized. A shelf is also integrated into this upper structure, keeping supplies close at hand while providing storage and display of documentation, work instructions and routing directives.

The company has equipped the workstation with an ergonomic and self-contained hydraulic-assisted positioning system that permits users to easily raise or lower the upper section of the workstation, including the work surface, upper shelf and lighting. With just the turning of a hand crank this adjustable feature allows associates to set work heights to a comfortable level while maintaining relative positioning of components and tools to the work surface. Further customization, depending upon job needs could include the addition of clip-on bins affording added part storage, the integration of additional shelves or compartments, or Creform?s specific-designed holders to store and protect tools, plus adding clip-on label holders to help identify components, to direct assembly sequence or provide other critical information.

The flow rack structure is also assembled using conductive plastic coated steel pipe with nickel plated joints. Although this rack can perform as a standalone unit, it was developed primarily to flow parts into the back of the workstation. The inclined lane and shelf levels protrude through the rear frame of the workstation and extend over the top of the work surface, positioning parts and components for easy retrieval. Guide bars are included to assure the rack and workstation align properly as required for smooth operation. The simple design uses The company's ESD slide pipe that has a molded plastic flat surface with a low coefficient of friction for allowing parts and totes to easily slide along the sloped surface. Depending upon the application, skatewheel style conveyor sections, full width rollers, or even solid surfaces could be used for flow. The flow rack, like the workstation, rests on maneuverable, ESD casters for easy movement. This means that the rack can be removed from the workstation for restocking or, if more than one rack is available, swapped for a fully stocked rack unit. Additional flow racks make changing products, models or styles quick and easy.

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