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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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JTAG Technologies Supports Range of Freescale Controllers
Orlando FL — JTAG Technologies now offers a family of programming tools for a large number of Freescale Semiconductor controllers with on-chip flash memory. The programmers all offer the convenience and efficiency of on-board programming, allowing blank controllers to be soldered on the PC boards for configuring later and as often as necessary.

Freescale device families currently supported by the JTAG Technologies on-board programmers: ColdFire® controllers, Power Architecture processors, 16-bit MC56F8000 and MC9S12 devices, and 8-bit MC68HC908 and MC9S08 devices. Support for other Freescale devices is under development as the library of supported devices continues to expand.

The programmers are based on JTAG Technologies' instrumentation and processing software, so users can easily handle more than one type of programmable chip with a single setup. The tools are suitable for benchtop use where frequent reprogramming may be necessary, as well as for demanding high-throughput production applications. All of the company's runtime environments are supported, standalone and integrated. For example, the programmers for the Freescale devices can be integrated within all of the popular ATE systems such as Agilent and Teradyne in-circuit testers. And, because the programming instrument is a fully-functional boundary-scan controller, it can also be sequenced to perform a complete battery of structural tests on the board.

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