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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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XFP Host Test Board Released by Timbercon
Host test board.
Lake Oswego, OR — Timbercon, Inc. has introduced its new XFP Host Test Board. The new product facilitates the testing and programming of the company's XFP Electric Loopback as well as XFP transceivers. After the recent launch of the Electric Loopback, the company was asked to provide customers with a way to program custom memory maps and test the functionality of existing transceivers.

The company had already been using the XFP Host Test Board during the development of the XFP Electric Loopback and is now producing the board for sale to customers who utilize XFP Electric Loopbacks and XFP transceivers. Existing users of XFP transceivers will be able to perform incoming inspection of devices prior to

incorporation in equipment as well as analyze design changes or system modifications made to existing equipment.

The test board comes complete with operation software and a user manual to enable XFP programming and testing. The board includes transmit, receive, computer interface, reference clock, and power supply ports. The board is designed to simulate an ideal environment for XFP module testing using Rogers 3003 PC board material and single-ended micro-strip transmission lines. These properties make the Host Test Board as electrically transparent as possible, allowing a more accurate assessment of the XFP modules' performance.

Contact: Timbercon, Inc., 17387 SW 63rd Ave., Lake Oswego, OR 97035 800-221-6992 or 503-827-8141 fax: 503-228-6747 E-mail: Web:

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