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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Prima Adds Laser Resonator to Cutting System
Laser cutting system.
Chicopee, MA — Prima North America, Inc. has introduced its CV5000 Laser Resonator to be used with Syncrono, its 2D Laser cutting system. The specially designed resonator allows

exceptionally high cutting speeds for increased productivity, the ability to process thicker materials and to produce superior cut quality with a reduced heat-affected zone.

Syncrono has an unusual, patented laser head, designed with two additional small, linear-driven parallel kinematic axes on the moving gantry, effectively creating a "machine within a machine". This allows the head to cut at exceptionally high acceleration of up to 6Gs, which makes it possible to cut more than 1,000 holes per minute, making it almost twice as productive as the most advanced machines in the market.

The laser cutting system is available with a fully automated material handling system consisting of either a 10- or 15-shelf storage pallet loading/unloading unit, automatic arm with pick-up device and suction-cup loading, a double-sheet thickness control device, sheet-metal separation unit, controller and standard protection barriers.

The system feeds production, and removes and stacks parts, allowing it to work continuously. The addition of a dependable automatic loading/unloading system can significantly increase production up to 50 percent, reduce manual labor, and permit lights-out manufacturing, further enhancing the system's productivity performance.

The small size of Syncrono's linear drives, combined with stiff, lightweight titanium components, produce minimal inertia, allowing mass to be moved with three times less power than typical machines. In addition, a special vibration-free design and a constant beam path throughout the 60 x 120-in. work area provides accurate, reliable cutting, even for very small and intricate profiles. The cutting system is equipped with a high quality and high power CP laser, manufactured by Prima North America. CP lasers are well known for their efficiency, versatility and low running costs. The system is also equipped with interchangeable optics, allowing it to pass from the lowest to the highest material thickness.

Contact: Prima North America, Inc., 711 East Main Street, Chicopee, MA 01020 413-598-5200 fax: 413-598-5201 Web:

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