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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Light-Guided Connector Assembly from CAMI
Light-guided connector assembly.
Acton, MA — CAMI Research is introducing a new, patented computer-assisted technique for assembling circular connectors used in aerospace and other high-reliability applications. The "Light Director" system uses light fibers driven by super-bright LED lamps to individually illuminate target cavities in the connector being assembled. When the technician enters the wire code printed on unconnected wires, a computer program turns on the appropriate fiber.

This causes a bright, flashing light to project from inside the target cavity guiding the technician to the proper insertion point. Correct insertion is confirmed by the elimination of light from that location, while inserting into an incorrect location leaves the flashing light visible.

The Light Director also uses high-quality synthetic speech in English or Spanish to read the pin number to the technician, further reinforcing the target location. Speech recognition is also available as an option permitting the technician to read wire codes to the system, thus eliminating the need for a keyboard or monitor. Normally, technicians crimp pins on wires in advance of assembly. Wires may be identified during the assembly process by numeric code, bar code, color code, or if no codes are present, by electrical detection using a wrist-strap if the far end of the cable has already been assembled and can be electrically connected to the system.

Field testing has shown that the Light Director doubles assembly rate over manual methods while nearly eliminating errors. Because the Light Director greatly reduces the perceptual challenge of manually locating pin cavities in a complex connector, technician fatigue is greatly reduced permitting a continuous, high productivity rate throughout the work day.

The Light Director is an accessory for the company's CableEye® PC-Based cable test system. Users purchase a mounting kit for each mating connector consisting of a plug-in board with LED sockets that attaches to the tester, LED light fibers, fiber guide boards, and a connector support board.

Contact: CAMI Research Inc., 530 Main Street, Suite 2 Acton, MA 01720 978-266-2655 fax: 978-266-2658 Web:

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