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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Bliss Industries Launches Worldwide Distributor Program
Milpitas, CA — Bliss Industries Inc., provider of handling carts and racks for electronics assembly, has launched its first ever Worldwide Distributor Program. "Bliss has always sold factory direct to its end user customer base. Recently more and more customers are asking to have local sales support for certain needs. Bliss has always listened to its customers and responded" said CEO Ken Bliss.

"In the last year we have had many customers call and ask us to sell through a local distributor. We take these requests very seriously. Now a potential distributor simply needs to call us and ask to be set up as a distributor. These are non-exclusive territories. We already have all the tools they might need online to sell our products without having to carry any inventory. Training is done online at their sales peoples' convenience with our "How To Use" videos. The Bliss website is one of the most complete in the industry with over 24 product lines of Lean Manufacturing Smart Handling Solutions" Said Mo Jamal, Vice President and COO who is overseeing the program.

"If a customer would prefer to use a distributor instead of buying direct all they need to do is tell their favorite local distributor sales person to call Bliss and get set up as a distributor. The customer gets the best of both worlds when they want to buy through distribution", said Jamal.

Contact: Bliss Industries Inc., 386 Railroad Court, Milpitas, CA 95035 408-945-8401 fax: 408-945-1914 Web:

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