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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Improving Inspection of Lead-Free Solder

Lead-free solders are said to cause various problems, such as: lack of self-alignment, bridges, solder balls, insufficient wetting, dendrites, pits, voids and peeling of soldering land. Also, on miniaturized lands, there may occur insufficient melting of solder paste. Even though these ...
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Lead free Solder, Tips and Nitrogen

The RoHS deadline has come and gone but many manufacturing and service companies that aren't servicing international markets are still using leaded solders. With the future political outlook it is well within the possibilities (even likely) that a U.S. version of RoHS could be legislated ...
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Lead-free Selective Soldering Equipment

Selective soldering is a flexible, adaptable process that is increasingly applied to an ever-widening range of soldering tasks. Indeed, selective soldering has moved beyond the role of being a problem application solution and into the soldering production mainstream. Flexible innovations ...
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Machine Vision for Factory Automation

Key tasks in manufacturing, including inspection, orientation, identification, and assembly, require the use of visual techniques. Human vision and response, however, can be slow and tends to be error-prone, often due to boredom or fatigue. Replacing human inspection with machine vision ...
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Replacing Printed Silver with Copper

Silver has replaced copper in many applications that include UHF antennas in billions of RFID tags every year, membrane keyboards, battery testers on batteries and other printed electronics and electrics. This has happened because the copper, while having excellent electrical conductivity, had to be slowly ...
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Shrinking Components, Highly Complex PCBs Drive AOI Design

The continuing trend toward the miniaturization of electronic packaging technologies is perhaps the most prolific driving force behind new AOI product development. The advent of 0201 and 01005 packages and the industry-wide acceptance of BGA, CSP and a host of small outline ultra fine pitch ...
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